Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

The Robotics revolution has attracted recent innovations in factories in various sectors. Significantly, the manufacturing sector is experiencing error-free and streamlined procedures without completing full performance to give the best productivity using RPA. Wrong replication processes dramatically increase the risky productivity of manufacturing companies and the smart leaders of these companies embrace the Robotics Process Automation to increase their output and good productivity. Manufacturing companies are changing their production units from human resources to physical industry robots for their products to assemble, checking the quality and packing it. Though these robots help to repair the assembly line, the manufacturing companies are still struggling to manage their operational processes and back-office work. They have started using RPA to reduce the human errors and reducing the Human resources and the ability to increase the productivity. Using Robotics Process Automation technologies in their back-end operations, they are able to attain up to 40% cost savings in the various areas of work.

Opportunities for application of RPA in Manufacturing sector

To more closely consider the role of RPA in manufacturing, let’s look at a large auto company based in Japan with 100,000 employees. Despite the use of physical robots in its manufacturing assembly line, the company faced significant pain points in the back office: keeping up with new regulations, lack of skilled labor, and inventory management. These factors limited the company’s ability to reduce costs, provide exceptional services and innovation to its customers, and maintain efficient communication with suppliers.

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What can Eutopia do for you

We, at Eutopia Systems, by using some of the cutting-edge automation technologies, can automate following processes for you:


Bill of Materials (BOM)

An important document for production, Bill of Materials…

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Logistics Data Automation

By integrating RPA with Logistics / Transport management…

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Data Management

Integrate systems without expensive IT systems integration…

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