Intelligent Automation for FMCG & Retail

Your industry is experiencing rapid change, limited resources, greater business competition and more complexity in every aspect of your business operations. Across manufacturing, warehousing, order management, logistics and finance, operational efficiency is paramount. We can help you to deliver efficiency through the automation of processes across your organization. Working together we can help you to improve your output while making you substantial savings. When aided with machine learning, RPA can mirror human capabilities of perception and reasoning. RPA is receiving wide acceptance in many industries as it can be applied in many structured, repetitive and rule-based tasks. For instance, the Retail / FMCG companies can adopt RPA into their existing processes such as:

  • Order processing and payments
  • Procurement and inventory management processes: monitor inventory, generate notifications
  • Regular communication between manufacturers, suppliers, transportation service providers, and customers.
  • Gather information about business patterns to reveal potential supply chain disruptions.

Opportunities for application of RPA in FMCG & Retail sector

The retail and consumer goods industry faces considerable challenges, threatened by a demand for personalization, an unoptimized business process constrained by human error and an inability to fully anticipate customer demands. These problems leave consumers unfulfilled in the search for an experience that reflects their continually developing desires. Then you have technology, which presents both a challenge and the key solution to facing these challenges. With the ever-growing speed of innovation, it has become increasingly important to constantly remain up to date with the latest possibilities for upgrading your company. The ongoing convergence of the retail and consumer products industries creates some particularly compelling opportunities to leverage RPA.  Specifically, while investments in logistics, data analytics and supply chain management systems have yielded sophisticated capabilities, significant process steps remain that require continued reliance on cumbersome systems and manual effort.

Let’s look at four areas where RPA can make a difference.

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What Eutopia can do for you

We, at Eutopia Systems, by using some of the cutting-edge automation technologies, can automate following processes for you:


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Inventory Management

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Order Management

Capture and process customer orders with fewer errors…

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Supply Chain Management

Keep your supply chain running smoothly through automation…

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Logistics Management

Knowing what is where, when and why is critical to…

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Manage your accounts receivables with virtual workers…

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Customer Management

Manage customer records across multiple systems and process…

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Loyalty Schemes

Inspire loyalty in your customers with automated customer…

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Returns Authorizations

Produce return authorization faster with Virtual Worker…

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Credit Reports

Meet your credit regulatory demands without using valuable…

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Month End Reporting

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Complaint Management

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