Intelligent Automation for Energy & Utilities

Utilities strategize to improve customer service and reduce costs that the usual enterprise ramp-up demands. Public utilities providers have one of the most mature, well-structured, well-oiled, and well regarded Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities among automation advocates.

It has been enormously valuable in delivering process efficiencies that could be passed on to customers with limited upfront investments. Within the organization, it allows employees to focus on value-adding front-office activities, including working directly with customers as opposed to mundane back office tasks.

Electric, gas and water companies can leverage RPA to automate a wide variety of routine tasks, from billing and debt recovery to meter-readings and even customer service. Additionally, instead of humans having to handle time-consuming duties like trouble-shooting failed readings, robotic process automation can tackle the majority of the work, drastically improving productivity.

RPA Bots have dramatically changed the manufacturing industry and a similar transformation is now underway in the utilities industry, starting with administrative-heavy and repetitive back-office processes. There are a variety of benefits including improved quality, scalability, increased productivity/speed, agility, cost efficiency, enhanced employee experience, streamlined processes, and employee health and safety, which can all ultimately lead to a reduction in Opex. For utilities, opportunity lies in refocusing the workforce toward more skilled work and leaving the repetitive and human error-prone business processes in the hands of Bots.

Opportunities for application of RPA in Utilities sector

For now, in the utilities sector there are a range of applications for RPA Bots, which are currently suitable including rates and tariff, finance and accounting, human resources, audit, and administrative support for operations, with the exception of developing and monitoring strategy and policies, as these processes are difficult to automate due to the cognitive and creative nature of that work.

  • In finance and accounting, major business process areas ripe for RPA Bots include invoice processing, payment processing, travel and expenses, accounting, reporting, asset accounting, process receipts, and customer maintenance. This is one of the most commonly tapped departments for RPA, as processes for functions such as unbilled revenue tend to meet automation suitability characteristics.
  • In human resources, automation can support recruitment requisition, new hire and induction, training and development, change of circumstances, information and systems, leave, payroll, and benefits.
  • There is also an opportunity in procurement surrounding order & delivery processing, strategic sourcing, sourcing, supplier and contract management.

What Eutopia can do for you

We, at Eutopia Systems, by using some of the cutting-edge automation technologies, can automate following processes for you:


Compile, manage and process capacity metering accurately and rapidly – without the risk of human error. Drive optimized billing, reporting and distribution processes by ensuring the foundation or measurement are consistently updated.

Customer Records Management

Maintain your customer records consistently across your systems with digital workers. We make management easy, with your data automated and synchronized across systems, you can be sure it’s always up to date.

Billing and Settlements

Build consistent relationships with your customers by automating payment requests. Whether you are chasing late receivables, correcting overcharges, or just to need to process payments, act in confidence with digital workers.

Correcting Misreads

Resolve your customers’ meter misreadings with automated validation and correction by digital workers. Our virtual workers keep your customers happy by ensuring you get it right – even when they get it wrong.

Complaints Management

Speed up your complaint resolution times by automating complaints management. Our virtual workers automate the complaints processes – giving your people time for people.

Customer Move-In / Move-Out

Move your customers on or off your platforms without delay with digital workers automating transfers. Create a smooth window of transfer without the painful manual process.