About Eutopia Systems

“Eutopia” in literal terms means “Your own perfect place”. The objective of Eutopia Systems is to create a near perfect technology enabled business environment for the customers enabling them to just focus on their core business. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence driven Intelligent Automation. As part of Intelligent Automation, our focus is to automate all the tasks which are high volume, repeatable, rule based, and which do not require human decision making. The idea is to use automation to replace human intervention with self-serving software processes, also known as software robots or digital workers.

Solutions Offering

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is our primary solution offering. Our focus is to use cutting edge technologies including Software Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and DevOps to automate and streamline all those processes / tasks that are rule based, repeatable, large in volume, take lot of time if been done by human agents and do not require a lot of human intelligence, thereby leading to improved accuracy, tangible savings in time and money. We have following offerings here:

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • RPA for SAP
  • RPA for Mainframes / As400 systems
  • F&A Automation
  • Cognitive Automation & Artificial Intelligence
  • OCR

IOT and AI Enabled Health Tech

Eutopia systems with their years of expertise in IOT, Robotics and Cognitive Sciences, is at the cusp of technology driven innovation that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare sector. With a focus around reduction of footfall of patients in healthcare centers and optimize the time spent by doctors with their patients, we are working on 2 interventions:

  • Doctor-Patient Interaction Optimization System (DPioS): The basic premise is to drastically reduce the waiting time for patients in a clinics / hospitals and simultaneous reduction in stress levels of doctors and use technology as an enabler for them to see more patients within given time
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): CGM is measurement of blood glucose continuously over a period of 24 hours with glucose readings been generated every 15 minutes. The envisaged solution will share these readings directly with a diabetologist and enable them to update the prescription online, with patient making online payments. All of this will happen without patients visiting a clinic / hospital in person


Industry Solutions








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