About Eutopia Systems

“Eutopia” in literal terms means “Your own perfect place”. The objective of Eutopia Systems is to create a near perfect technology enabled business environment for the customers enabling them to just focus on their core business. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence driven Intelligent Automation and Business Analytics. As part of Intelligent Automation, our focus is to automate all the tasks which are high volume, repeatable, rule based, and which do not require human decision making. The idea is to use automation to replace human intervention with self-serving software processes, also known as software robots or digital workers. Besides, we help our esteemed customers traverse through huge amount of organizational data and pull out what’s relevant for them to take insightful business decisions.

Solutions Offering

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is our primary solution offering. Our focus is to use cutting edge technologies including Software Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and DevOps to automate and streamline all those processes / tasks that are rule based, repeatable, large in volume, take lot of time if been done by human agents and do not require a lot of human intelligence, thereby leading to improved accuracy, tangible savings in time and money. We have four offerings here:

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • RPA for SAP
  • Cognitive Automation & Artificial Intelligence
  • Service Delivery Automation with DevOps

Data Engineering & Business Analytics

Our allied focus area, besides intelligent automation, is to manage data and bring out powerful and actionable intelligence from it for our customers. Our focus areas include- Helping customers manage their data right from inception till purging through the whole database lifecycle, mine this data for business intelligence and produce visually appealing KPI dashboards and actionable reports. We use some of the best available opensource / 3rd party vendor tools including Tableau, Qlikview, Knime, R, Python and Orange. We also help our customers to deal with big data and our offerings include:

  • Visual Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Database Services
  • Big Data Engineering


Industry Solutions








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Softomotive is a leading intelligent automation product vendor and solution provider in the areas of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Automation. Softomotive offers sharp business solutions, premium support and professional services that organizations need to get the most out of their enterprise automation. Trusted by more than 6,000 companies worldwide, Softomotive is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation providers.






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